WRECKAGE — The cover is HERE! **contest**

Without further ado I would like to introduce the world to the beautiful cover art for my debut novel, WRECKAGE, available March 1, 2015:

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WRECKAGE was written after watching a few too many late night episodes of “I Survived…” One episode in particular dealt with a large ship that sunk after user error, leaving a boat full of survivors adrift in a lifeboat. Even though there were eight survivors after the initial crash, only two of the survivors were being interviewed. Their story was harrowing and heroic but as I watched I came to realize that this man and woman were not the only survivors being interviewed, they were the only survivors PERIOD. The whole survivor story was being told through the filter of their experience. And that’s when the thought came….What if they were lying?

Okay, I’m sure those poor people in that episode of “I Survived…” were not lying just to make themselves look like heroes, but that didn’t stop my imagination from considering the idea. What kind of mistakes would inspire someone to lie to their friends, family and the world? How could they convince themselves that lying was more valiant than the truth?

So, when my mind wouldn’t stop running through questions and scenarios, I sat down and started to write a story. Soon that story became WRECKAGE, a novel where the main characters, Lillian Linden and Dave Hall, are not only plane crash survivors they are also big fat liars.

The blurb from my Amazon page says it perfectly:

“Lillian Linden is a liar. On the surface, she looks like a brave survivor of a plane crash. But she’s been lying to her family, her friends, and the whole world since rescue helicopters scooped her and her fellow survivor, Dave Hall, off a deserted island in the South Pacific. Missing for almost two years, the castaways are thrust into the spotlight after their rescue, becoming media darlings overnight. But they can’t tell the real story—so they lie.

The public is fascinated by the castaways’ saga, but Lillian and Dave must return to their lives and their spouses. Genevieve Randall—a hard-nosed journalist and host of a news program—isn’t buying it. She suspects Lillian’s and Dave’s explanations about the other crash survivors aren’t true. And now, Genevieve’s determined to get the real story, no matter how many lives it destroys.

In this intriguing tale of survival, secrets, and redemption, two everyday people thrown together by tragedy must finally face the truth…even if it tears them apart.”

So, now for the fun part! If you share this cover on any social media site (tag me please) or on your own blog (please link in the comments section), you’ll be entered into a raffle for a free copy of WRECKAGE or one of ten free rentals from REDBOX. in a random drawing on Monday at noon.


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