You’re all winners to me…and 11 of you actually were….

Thank you all for sharing my cover contest! I posted the winners on my FB page. We ended up eleven winners (congrats!) and over forty shares that reached over four thousand people. For old times’ sake, lets take a look at that pretty cover one last time.

Screenshot 2014-12-12 12.25.29

Ahhh- so lovely.

Now, onto some serious stuff. I learned from this whole contest that I am super lucky to have so much support. Without you all wanting to read WRECKAGE, it wouldn’t be worth much more than when the document was saved in a file on my desktop.

For the record–this is NOT my computer

So-THANK YOU and I hope that you continue to share your excitement with your friends and family and strangers you pass on the street. Okay, you don’t have to accost strangers but if you WANT to…I’d be cool with it.

Next week I’ll be announcing the details and date for my release party. This is good stuff. You WILL want to keep in touch.

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