WRECKAGE hits #1 and check out my first interview!

Five days into WRECKAGE’s pre-release I’ve had some really fun moments. Just seeing my book up live was the first one. You work on that book for so long and so hard that sometimes release day seems like it will never come. It did come and it was awesome!

Reading my first review was another fun moment. And then reading about a million more. I honestly just want to kiss ever single reviewer, even the less than positive ones.

I’ve also been blown away by the support of my family, friends and readers and new fans.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to snap this picture of WRECKAGE hanging out with her book buddies, GIRL ON A TRAIN and TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. That was pretty dang cool.

Screenshot 2015-02-04 10.42.23
Sorry- it’s a screen shot so not the best quality

And today, I had the opportunity to see WRECKAGE at #1. I love how many people are getting the opportunity to read this story.

So thank you to all! I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to post an image like this. I cannot express my gratitude enough to everyone who’s helped me get so far.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 12.05.10


Speaking of awesome and supportive people, I had my first interview this week. J.S. Hazzard, author of the BLOODSTONE CHRONICLES, invited me onto her blog for a chat. If you’d like to know more about WRECKAGE and it’s path to publication, click on the link below to take a look at our discussion!

Screenshot 2015-02-05 12.21.52
Emily Bleeker’s author interview on jshazzard.com





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