WRECKAGE– Official Launch!! **CONTEST**

Today is the official launch of WRECKAGE! To celebrate I’m having a **CONTEST** that will run from Sunday, March 1st- Wednesday, March 4th. You can win a $25 Amazon gift card, signed copy of WRECKAGE or an audio version of the book (which is way cool,btw)

If you are one of the thousands who downloaded a pre-released ebook of WRECKAGE—
1-Take a picture with your Kindle
2-Post it on your FB page or Twitter feed
3- Make sure to link me in your post!

Photo on 3-1-15 at 12.48 PM #2
I know! I KNOW the picture is backwards. Working on fixing it! 🙂

If you are waiting for your paper copy or are clicking “order” right now–

1-Take a picture of either your order confirmation (crop out all your personal info please) or a picture with the book when it arrives!
2-Post it on your FB page or Twitter Feed
3- Link me in your post!

Screenshot 2015-03-01 14.05.15

BOOM! Entered. Good luck everyone!


  1. Just finished Wreckage. It only took 3 days, since I played hookey from life,because I couldn’t put it down, ( or rather, I couldn’t turn my phone Kindle ‘off’.) Great read! Smart, characters I loved or feared. Thank-you for writing a wonderful book. * I would join the contest, but I’m not sure I can handle the required technical aspects. Too bad.* sincerely, gwendolyn

    1. THanks Gwendolyn! Hey, I am going to count this as an entry. Making the drawing today. I’ll let everyone know soon who my winners are 🙂

      1. Hi, I’m on Chapter 29. It’s great that you’re running a contest but I just want to congratulate you on your book. I downloaded it on my Kindle not sure what to expect but I think it’s terrific! Bravo! I’m sure you’ll have a successful launch. As a writer myself I think its important to support other writers, so count me as a fan and supporter. Will look out for Beyond once it’s released.

  2. I just finished Wreckage. Best book I have read in years. I loved the ending and want to read the whole book again. Thank you for making my week. Marlene a new fan!

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