*Big Announcement* Two-Book Deal with Lake Union Publishing

I am just thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a two-book deal with Lake Union Publishing! Here is the screenshot of the announcement in Publisher’s Marketplace. 11115938_1569760729971993_25243526_n If you’d like a little more information about the story you can take a sneak peek below: After Luke Richardson loses his wife of sixteen years to cancer, he resigns himself to a life without her in it. Until her first letter arrives… Dead is dead. At least that’s what Luke has always told himself. Yet somehow, every morning since Natalie’s funeral, he awakens to a new letter from his very dead wife. He’s not delusional, these aren’t ghost letters—they are notes, thoughts and plans written by his wife Natalie in the year before she died. Just who delivers them is a mystery but he doesn’t care how they get through the mail slot in the front door. He only cares that they are comforting and allow him to put off saying goodbye a little longer. They also help him transition into life as a single father to their three growing kids. Then the name of a mystery man starts popping up in Natalie’s letters. A quick search of her phone records shows that this man is the last person to speak to her on the day she died. Luke tells himself it’s just a strange coincidence, that there is no reason to doubt the fidelity of his deceased wife. Until his fourteen-year-old son claims to have evidence that he is not actually Luke’s biological child. Suddenly denial is not an option. What was Natalie hiding? The search for answers only leads to more questions and the more secrets Luke uncovers, the more he doubts he ever really knew his wife at all. As he seeks the truth about his wife’s past, Luke’s present begins to crumble. He has to make a choice: lose himself in Natalie’s letters or find a new way of living—without her. *** I cannot WAIT to bring this story to you all! Make sure to follow me on Twitter, here on my blog or on my Facebook page for continued updates.


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