Walmart #TreasureHunt Update!


It’s been a fun month of hunting! Thank you to everyone who searched for WRECKAGE whether you found it or not. Though we are at the end of our #TreasureHunt contest please keep looking for WRECKAGE in stores. Next month you might even see it in Sam’s Club stores so make sure you stop by and look through the book section every so often. You might just get lucky. If you find the book and post a picture, tag me and I’ll make sure to find a fun way to thank you!

Alright, now for some of the pictures from the #TreasureHunt! It was so exciting seeing WRECKAGE all over the US.

Winter Haven, FL

11133817_1628838830667534_7108705196693382926_n 11102787_1628837300667687_3765856494931882113_n

Walmart–Scottsdale, AZ

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Vandalia, Illinois

And to the very dedicated fans who couldn’t find WRECKAGE in their Walmarts but didn’t let it stop them—here are my honorable mentions:

11073535_10206596164522111_7592484590927752293_n 11159522_10205378533335260_3730657460605093577_n

Alright, it is time! We have 5 Walmart gift cards just burning a hole in my pocket so let’s have a drum roll please!!……

1- Maura who found her book at a Walmart in Texas!

2- Charlotte who found her book at a Walmart in Winter Haven, FL

3- Chad who found his book at a Walmart in Reading, PA

4- Georgette who found her book at a Walmart in Vandalia, IL

5- Elizabeth who found her book at a Walmart in Centerville, UT

Congrats ladies and gentlemen (er-man)!

If you keep looking and keep posting then I’ll do another drawing at the end of May for one additional gift card. Thanks for playing!

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