WRECKAGE To Be Translated Into Spanish!

Great news! Just got word from Spain that WRECKAGE will be translated into Spanish and released in 2016! Very exciting. Bleeker-Wreckage-high resolution cover This news mixed with the last few weeks of summer vacation makes me think of this song, Malti by Dan Zanes:

Yes, yes, it’s a kids song. No—I’m not embarrassed to put a kids song on my blog! Are you kidding? Half the songs I sing are kid’s songs. This particular song is all about summer and reminds me of how we like to do summer around my house—one big adventure. It also just happens to be in Spanish. So, to celebrate WRECKAGE’s newest language and the beauty of summer, take a listen. Check below for the translation.

Malti, Malti now it’s summer
why don’t we get up early?
We’ll never have another day like this
full of sun and wind

Dance, dance in the waves
Let’s swim in the waves
We’ll never have this exact day again
full of sun and wind

In a boat on the sea
Malti, we’ll go sailing
We’ll never have this exact day again
full of sun and wind


  1. dear madam,
    we are also willing to translate your work into Turkish. how should we proceed? do you have a literary agent?
    please contact us at editor@monokl.net

    all yours from istanbul,
    volkan çelebi

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