Can You Guess My Title??

My new book will be available March of 2016. You’ve all heard me talk about it by a few different titles: LETTERS, LETTERS FROM THE DIRT etc but now after much discussion and brainstorming LETTERS has a new, official, shiny title and I love it.

So, remember, the book is about a man who receives letters from his wife after she dies from an aggressive cancer. Before Natalie died she arranged for the letters to be mailed and delivered at important moments during the first year after her passing. Some of the letters are comforting for her husband, Luke, but some bring up questions about that make him wonder if they are a blessing or a curse. As Luke becomes more entwined in the web Natalie left behind, he starts to wonder if he ever really knew his wife after all.

Okay. So. Final hint….listen to this song (my embarrassing rendition) and see if you can guess the title. (Hint- to be sure you can wait to the very very end). Leave me a comment with your guess at the new title and I will pick a winner for a free copy of WRECKAGE (any version).


  1. Hmmm…. My first guess was: “Who Is This Woman???” But I don’t think that’s it. 😉😉

    Maybe “When I’m Gone”?

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