Welcoming Inspiration

We are just about half way through NaNoWriMo and I hope everyone who is participating is meeting their goals and (somehow) keeping sane. Everyone who is NOT participating…..you are smart….and go get me a snack so I don’t have to stop typing.

During writing binges, I find that I drink up inspiration like a camel at an oasis and since I don’t have tons of spare words left in me to write this blog I thought I’d just share briefly what inspired me to write this week.

These People

author event 11-15

This past week several members of my writers’ group went with me to a wonderful author fair. The classes were great but even better was the creative buzz that filled the event. I love every member of our little group and watching each of them reach their goals inspires me to reach further for mine!

This documentary

And this documentary

I found each inspiring for very different reasons. Ultimately, one taught me about true evil, the dangers of apathy and what happens when we dehumanize those we don’t understand or agree with. And the other taught me about true love, the beauty of empathy and what happens when we reach out and connect with others even if it is frightening. Both very touching and both very inspiring.


For all people out there who hate to go to Walmart I say…you just haven’t been watching the people at Walmart close enough. I get some great characters ideas in this place. Plus, I got to see a beautiful random act of kindness right up close. On a related note, I now know what it is like to cry in the checkout line: embarrassing and also awesome.

This song

I could listen to it on repeat. It always makes me think of WHEN I’M GONE. I’m still searching for a good song for my new project. It is beyond helpful for me to find a song that corresponds with the tone of my story and then listen to it until I almost hate it. It is like inspiration in a tiny little music file.

The Wind

Yep, you read that right—the wind. We’ve had a lot of it here in Illinois. I should make a crack about the “Windy City,” but I just can’t think of one ;). I’ve had the chance to run in the wind a few times this week. Running with the wind to your back feels like flying. Running with the wind in your face feels like you are being held by your shoulders and pushed backward. During any windy run you are likely to go through both of these experiences at least once. Usually running with the wind at my back is my favorite part of these runs but this morning I enjoyed running against the wind. As I pushed myself I found the challenge it provided far more exhilarating. When I finished, tired and satisfied, I decided that I have to remember the wind when I write. Sometimes the words come fast like the wind is at your back. But sometimes they trickle out slowly like I’m pushing against a wall or a force of nature. The wind at my back makes me faster, but the wind in my face makes me stronger. I think I need both.


Yeah. Seriously. I haven’t been able to taste for several weeks because of a horrible sinus infection so this past week when I could FINALLY taste (and smell!) this fantastic pizza reminded me to add all of the senses into my writing. And reminded me how awesome deep dish is. Mmmmmmmmmm.

There are plenty of other things, places and people that have inspired me this week, but I hope you enjoyed your peek into the few I’m able to articulate. So, what kindles your fires of inspiration? What gets your writing engine running? What spins your Ferris wheel of creativity? What turns your imagination on? What…will stop me from asking the same question over and over again in a slightly different way?

Let me know in the comments where you’ve found inspiration this week!

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