Last week I headed out the door to pick my kiddos from school and I found a big, beautiful box on my front porch. It had my name on it (packages at my house are rarely addressed to me) and after a preliminary lift test I could tell it was heavy. My heart jumped. The last time I had this type of box delivered to my front porch it was filled with my author copies of WRECKAGE. I had heard rumbles of an ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of WHEN I’M GONE being available, but I’d yet to set eyes on the real thing. How I managed to ignore the box, walk to school like a semi-normal parental figure, pick up the kids and refrain from running home I’ll never know.

Once I got the kids going on homework and snack, I ran out, grabbed the box and ripped it open. I saw a box  FULL of beautiful ARCs staring back at me. Unfortunately, the cover is not official yet so I can’t post a picture of the box so I’ve decided to do something even better.

Now, remember, WHEN I’M GONE doesn’t launch until March 15th, 2016 BUT I thought some of you might like a sneak peek. So, I’ve put aside THREE copies of WHEN I’M GONE to give away right now. Yes. Right now!

If you’d like the chance to receive one of these three ARCs, the rules are pretty simple. Just sign up for my brand new newsletter and you’ll be entered to win. Simple as that. I’ll announce the winners in my first newsletter on December 15th.




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