Good news all around!

Lots of wonderful things to share today! FIRST–can’t believe I let this pass by without acknowledging it but there is a new translation of WRECKAGE out in the world. I have a lovely box of these beauties. I definitely need more bookshelves!!


Second, I hit an awesome milestone today in the “life” of WHEN I’M GONE as well as in my life as an author. Today I found that WHEN I’M GONE is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller! Yeah, I thought it was an April Fools joke too but…nope! Real. Real as real can be!

Screenshot 2016-04-01 00.03.16

Run your finger down that list (and if you happen to notice all the other awesome authors on there too then I wouldn’t judge at all) and stop when you land at #10. Wow. So surreal to see my name and book on such an awesome list. High five to everyone who has supported and loved this book and me.

And, last but not least, WRECKAGE has made a bit of a comeback and as a result I got to see this awesome sight 24 hrs ago. This is the moment when I had two books in the top ten on Amazon. Pretty stinking awesome…..

Screenshot 2016-04-01 06.34.47

I honestly could not be prouder of these two books. If they were people I’d hug them so hard they might take out a restraining order.


Thank you again to every one who read these stories, everyone who spread the word and everyone who continues to ask…”When is your next book coming out?” You guys deserve an awkward hug too…..


  1. Emily, thank you. I just read “Wreckage” last week and couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the twist in the characters and the story line. So, I bought ” When I’m Gone” ….. and it’s 5:19 A.M. cuz, I couldn’t put it down. I was smiling, then, I was angry and then down and out, crying. ( I stopped for tissue since I literally couldn’t see the written words.) I enjoyed the ending. I was wondering how you would top your first book ( I’m sure that’s ran through your head, once or a thousand th time?) BUT, Rest assured, It Did !!!
    ♡ Thanks Again for ” Being a Writer!”

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