Storymakers Conference–Part 1

It has been an awesome few days here at LDStorymakers. Still have one more day of fun which includes the Whitney Gala. Tonight there is a mass book signing at the Utah Valley Convention Center at 5 pm if you’d like to come and browse the bookstore and get some fabulous books signed by some fabulous authors!

Just some quick pictures and then I’m off to day 2 of Storymakers.

I flew in to SLC on Wednesday and spent the day with my sister and her cat, Veronica, and her puppy, Ruby. Between running in the mountains and eating copious amounts of snacks, it was the perfect prep day for the remaining week of literary awesomeness.

#SistersSelfie #NoMakeup #VernoicaIsSuspiciousOfYou

This picture was hanging on the wall in my sister’s guest bedroom. I spent a serious 15-20 minutes trying to figure out the deep significance of 16×20. Was it a scripture reference? Was it a date? Ahem….it is the size of the frame. *shakes head*

On Thursday I finally found my Gala dress (pictures TONIGHT!) and headed down to Provo to have dinner with my wonderful agent, Marlene Stringer (who is in town for the convention) and five of her other clients! It was such an amazing dinner. I’d tell you what we talked about but then I’d have to…kill you off in a book? But, seriously, I feel incredibly lucky to be with this talented group of women this weekend. They are so inspiring and strong. High five to every single one.

Left to right (around the table): Bethany Wiggins, Emily Bleeker, Mikki Kells, Marlene Stringer, Caitlyn McFarland, Charlie Holmberg, Emily R. King
To Marlene’s left:
To Marlene’s right:
Me!: You know where my blog is cause you are reading it….
Friday the festivities began! I attended with two of my hometown Writer’s Group friends who both came to the conference for the first time this year. I’ll get a picture of Joanne later (she didn’t want to pose for a selfie!) but this is Kelli Nielsen ( amazing authoress and dear friend. We spent the day gleaning knowledge, laughing and making up one really awesome magic system based on clouds.


clouds magic
From Charlie Holmberg’s Magic Systems class– Cloud based Magic System created by Kelli and Emily (and having just more than a bit of fun!!) Power: See shapes in clouds and can make it real, Aquire: Struck by lightening more than once, Fuel: Type of cloud… Creatures made from storm clouds are strong and fierce, cumulous clouds medium strength, stratus disappear quickly, Toll: Mimics a lightening strike. Long term heart problems, Weakness: At the whim of the weather. Clear day? Out of luck!!

Also had the opportunity to be on a panel with Marlene and her other clients and chat about agent/author relationships. It was such a great time and it taught me even more about how important Marlene has been in my career and helped me think about how looking for an agent is a lot like looking for that special someone. Marlene said it best: It comes down to chemistry. You just KNOW when it is right.


Agent Marlene Stringer and me! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know this lady better.
I look a little weird in the this picture but you get the idea! Recognize these awesome ladies from the dinner picture??

Okay–I’m running late for day two! More pictures to follow tomorrow or Monday. As you look at this pictures just remember–if you WANT this in your life (or if you have a different dream you are reaching for) that three years ago I had just finished my manuscript for WRECKAGE, I was unagented, still unsure if I was even going to attempt to publish. I had no idea the adventure that was ahead of me life. There have been so very many steps from the day I wrote “THE END” on that manuscript to chatting on a panel with other authors about how to work with an agent but they are all worth it. Keep pushing. Keep working. Go to a conference. Make connections. But most of all–make dreams and then make them come true. It is up to you.


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