WHEN I’M GONE on Prime Reading

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WHEN I’M GONE was selected for the Prime Reading program in the U.S.! Prime Reading allows Amazon Prime members to read selected books as part of their Prime membership. You do not have to have a Kindle to participate – you can download the free Kindle app on any iOS or Android device and read from anywhere!

If you have an Amazon Prime membership now is a great time to re-read WHEN I’M GONE in preparation for WORKING FIRE or to introduce your friends and family to WHEN I’M GONE for free! Thanks everyone!


Emily Bleeker


  1. I got this book thru Amazon Prime. Absolutely LOVED it. I need the rest of the story. I’m left hanging. I’ve read the descriptions f your other book but I don’t think they are the rest of the story. Is the rest coming soon?

  2. I am ready to start “working fire”………now that I have dried my tears after “when i’m gone”. What a powerful story. Thank you for it..

  3. When is the end of the story coming out? I really liked the book but you left to much unanswered. You need to come out with the rest of the story rather then just leaving us all hanging.

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