WORKING FIRE translation — #3 in Germany!

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The first translation of WORKING FIRE launched this week! I just got an email from Amazon Crossing letting me know that the German translation, WAS VOM FEUER ÜBRIG BLIEB, translated by Kerstin Fricke, is number THREE in the Kindle Store. Great news!

If you would like to own your very own copy of WAS VOM FEUER ÜBRIG BLIEB or keep up with the latest charts, follow this link: WAS VOM FEUER UBRIG BLIEB

And if you’d like to read the English version of WORKING FIRE, please follow THIS link: WORKING FIRE

In fun news for WRECKAGE fans–Dave and Lillian’s story made it’s way up to 23 yesterday and is still number one in Mystery Thriller and Suspense as well as Women’s Fiction! A fun flashback from when WRECKAGE launched nearly three whole years ago! I think we need to have an anniversary party soon.

Thanks for all your continued support as readers and thanks to Kerstin Fricke for her wonderful translation.


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