Party time! Excellent.

Thanks to everyone who attended the launch party Saturday. It was a complete success from start to finish. Micky Finns was a wonderful host and a lovely venue. Here is a sneak peek into the action! Special thanks to my parents, George and Cindy Sadler, my kiddos and my friends Karen Schaffroth for helping me set up and selling books, Lorena Vazquez for taking these awesome pics, and author Kelli Nielsen ( for MCing the reading and Q&A.



  1. Thank you, my friend Emily, for giving me pieces of informations and showing me nice shots of the launch oarty of “Waiting Room”. I wish you’ll be successful in the publishing enterprise. God bless you Emily

    Michel Potay

  2. Just finished reading The Waiting Room. Loved everything about it until…….the shocking misspelling of “camaraderie.” A very brief survey of the word at a dozen different sites shows your version as a spelling error. Otherwise, a wonderful book.

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