Dear Younger You…

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice—what would it be?

Somehow I forgot how much I used to write in my journal when I was younger. After squirrels invaded the attic (a whole other story that is almost as epic) we’ve had to take everything down and repaired the damage. During that process I’ve found so many memories I’m glad I kept.

It’s hard to explain what I’ve learned from reading the innermost thoughts of younger Emily but I am both grateful for who she was and sad for who she thought she had to be. I’m impressed with her tenacity but also proud of how I’ve evolved over time.

There are things here I must reflect on and I know I’ll be back to share in the future but I know one thing for sure—younger Emily and I would drive each other bonkers if we both existed in the same timeline in some sort of time travel mix-‘em-up. But she’s helped me know that change is possible and that it is important to love and have patience with even the silliest most misguided versions of ourselves.

So—thank you Younger Emily for helping me become who I am today. Also, thank you for letting me go so I could continue to evolve. And good luck Future Emily at becoming whatever the heck you need and want to be.

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