Motorcycle Writing

The question I get asked more than any other is how I balance writing and momhood. In an interview a few years ago the newspaper reporter asked “when will you be just author-Emily Bleeker and not mom-author Emily Bleeker?” And I told him I didn’t know because often I’m writing whilst being a mom. Like, if I was riding a motorcycle and writing a book at the same time it’s pretty likely I’d be Emily Bleeker the motorcycle author. (Disclaimer—please don’t write books on motorcycles. It’s not safe and definitely illegal ) 

Though it often drives me crazy that I’m asked about parenting more often than the writing business (insert thoughts on patriarchy here) I can’t help but acknowledge that sharing that part of my life lets others in my same position feel like it’s possible.

I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t a magic trick but then again, parenting is never as smooth or easy as it appears on social media or in movies. It is messy (literally), complicated and challenging but also deeply rewarding in all the moments in-between. Sometimes I think it’d be easier to write a novel while driving a Harley than with four kids with six after school activities, part-time jobs, doctor appointments, homework and some special needs. But, once again, one of these things is illegal, so I guess I’ll keep working on this mom-balancing act instead. And if people want to hear about this insanity-defying creative life—I’m actually cool talking about it. 

Motorcycle writing with a sick kid

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