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Interview with Natalie and Luke

If you've read WHEN I'M GONE you might have some burning questions for our friends Natalie and Luke. Thanks to Characters Magazine you now have the opportunity to ask those questions and get some answers! Follow this link to the Q&A form and ask away! (goo.gl/forms/qhtJhuS97zSnG9Bx1) I can't wait to see what you would like to know… Continue reading Interview with Natalie and Luke

When I'm Gone


Last week I headed out the door to pick my kiddos from school and I found a big, beautiful box on my front porch. It had my name on it (packages at my house are rarely addressed to me) and after a preliminary lift test I could tell it was heavy. My heart jumped. The… Continue reading Win an ARC of WHEN I’M GONE

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Author Photos– A Worthy Investment

This past week I did something that is somewhat out of my comfort zone: I had my picture taken. Okay, not just any picture, not even a super awesome selfie. This past week I participated in a photo shoot in hopes of selecting a new author photo for my March 15th, 2016 release, WHEN I'M GONE.… Continue reading Author Photos– A Worthy Investment