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Marlene Stringer


  1. I just finished reading “Wreckage”. I loved it and hated to put it down when I had to go to work. Your characters were wonderful and you kept the story interesting throughout the entire book. I really loved the ending!

    1. I can’t figure out how to comment, so i had to hit reply on this lovely persons review. I own a deli, and I read probably 3 books a week. I love reading. This however, was the first book for me in a long time, that I could not put down. I was literally slicing deli meat and reading. Ringing out customers, and reading in between. I couldn’t help myself. Thank you, it was so amazing.

  2. I just finished reading Wreckage. I’m just about speechless. Wow. ABSOLUTELY one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’m so grateful there are people like you out there who can write so beautifully and thoughtfully. After all your hard work all I have to do is sit down, put up my feet, and lose myself in your words. THANK YOU!

  3. I absolutely loved your book (and have given you 5 stars on Amazon)!

    In case this matters to you – didn’t really know how else to get this to you:

    1. On page 269 or 270 (sorry not sure which, due to having read the book on my phone), it looks like a word is missing: “I don’t want to think about David and me and our whole island history. I want to think about anything else…” Seems to me it should say: “I don’t want to think about anything else…”

    2. At the very end of the book, call waiting beeps in (Jerry). But Lillian says to Dave, “I’d better let you get going so you don’t miss it.” If she’s referring to the call waiting, it was on her end so it doesn’t make sense. Just confusing. Or maybe I’ve missed the real meaning of what Lillian was saying…?

    1. EdenAnn- Thanks for the five stars and for the notes. I think Lillian was saying she wanted to thin about anything other than David and the island and their history- sorry for the confusion! And the other reference was to missing the program because he was going to watch it two hours later on the west coast broadcast. Don’t know if that helps! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  4. Have you written a book club discussions for Wreckage? Our book club will be discussing your book on April 6th?

  5. I am at ch. 18 of wreckage and have a question. How would Lillian determine the day of Xmas to celebrate on the island without calendars, watches, etc.

    1. They used their “calendar tree” where they kept track of time. I’m sure it wasn’t extremely accurate but I’m guessing it would be good for approximate dates. Good question1 Hope you enjoyed the rest of the book.

  6. Hi Emily, I am in the middle of reading Wreckage and I do like it very much but I am having a problem with Paul. I cannot work out who he is exactly and as I am reading on my Kindle I am having trouble trying to look through back pages to identify him. As far as I can see there were only the 4 of them on the life raft. No mention of a Paul. Then I see that he was buried next to Margaret. Could you possibly help me?! Sorry if I sound a bit pathetic, but Kindles are a bit difficult to navigate.

    1. Ha- Paul is a tricky one. All I can say is, don’t look back, just keep reading! Good luck and let me know when you have your “Ah ha!” moment.

  7. I just finished reading “Wreckage.” I loved this book. The story touched upon so many ‘fears’ of mine. It was a quick read and I have already recommended it to a friend.

  8. I randomly purchased Wreckage. It was fantastic! It made me decide to finally decide to do something about my dream to write, so I signed up for a writer’s workshop. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you were a member of the Storymakers group. Maybe I will see you there. Great book!

  9. Randomly bought Wreckage. I loved it! The book got me to finally pursue one of my hidden dreams, so I signed up for a writer’s workshop. Storymakers. I was pleasantly surprised to see you are a member of the group. I hope you are there and I get a chance to meet you. Excellent read!

    1. Wonderful! I absolutely love hearing this! We will have to sit down and chat. I’m so excited. This is my first writing conference and I’m flying in from Chicago so I’m a bit nervous. Glad to know I’ll have a new friend there. Thanks for letting me know!

  10. Hi Emily , I finished “wreckage” yesterday. I was glad I was on a “staycation” this week so that I could savor the characters. As a woman who lost her youngest son I fully identified with Lillian’s thoughts and actions. It was beautiful writing that touched my soul. I too am a storyteller and you have inspired me to join a writers group. Two different psychics have told me my son wants me to write about him .. I think it’s time .. Thank you for a wonderful book .. I work in a library and will be recommending it to our patrons.

    1. This is wonderful! I hope you do sit down and start writing your story. Please keep me up to date on your progress. Thanks for sharing.

  11. At the end, when call waiting beeps in, we don’t know for sure who is calling on the other line. Why would Jerry need to call her if he’s getting take out? Are you planning a sequel? Can you elaborate on the call waiting? Loved the book!!

    1. Yes, that call waiting beep…sorry that is one of those mysteries I like to let my readers wonder about. I’ve played around in my mind with some other stories related to WRECKAGE, but as of right now it is a stand-alone novel. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Thank you so much for WRECKAGE. The book was excellent and kept me constantly wanting to know more about Lily and David’s experience on the island. I had a lot of trouble in putting the book down, so I just carried it with me everywhere I went and read whenever I had a free moment. You are quite talented at storytelling and I am really looking forward to your next novel!

    1. Thanks so much Phil! That is too kind of you. I love the idea of you carrying around WRECKAGE so you could get more time with Lily and David. Made my day!

  13. Really enjoyed “Wreckage”. It was the perfect vacation read but it drew me in so much I finished it TOO quickly, so I went looking for another book by Emily Bleeker. Imagine my dismay to discover that I have to wait a whole year! Looking forward to it for next year’s vacation.

  14. I just finished listening to the audiobook of Wreckage, and I agree with many others that this was the best book I have “read” in a long time!! I could not stop listening. Your placement of foreshadowing was absolutely perfect, and I loved the Paul tease throughout the book leaving the reader to wonder who he could be. I had several ideas, but I was not right, and I loved that the best. This is a fantastic book, I will be giving it 5 stars and I look forward to reading everything that you write. Congratulations and good luck to you!!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I love hearing from readers! Please keep in touch and I look forward to hearing what you think of my next story.

  15. All I can say is WOW!!
    It has been a while since a book has kept me up into the early hours of the morning, but I literally had to keep going to find out what was going to happen next..
    Emily Bleeker, I have you to thank for the black rings under my eyes, and the fact that NO housework has been done and that my husband and children had to eat takeout for two night running lol
    I have them well warned that I am starting your new book this weekend and that they will be fending for themselves…
    Thank you I love you writing style, it’s a case of anything can happen in your book… I hope you and your family are doing well, and again Thank you from Ireland, you are now my favourite Author 🍀🍀🍀

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story (and my heart felt apologies to your family for stealing you away from them 😉 ) Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. I just finished reading your latest book, “When I’m Gone”. What a great read!! I am a widower who lost a wife to cancer and had two young daughters to keep me going. Your book seemed to be so authentic and I figured you must have had some great consultants to guide your thoughts. Thank you.

    1. Wow, Allen! Thank you for sharing. I’m SO glad the book rang true and I’m truly sorry as to the reason you knew it was accurate. Go you, though! Impressed. Thanks again for reading.

  17. Hello Emily. I run a book club in Nantwich, England and at our meeting last night we decided that our next book will be Wreckage. I will collate our thoughts and send them to you after our meeting in May. Regards

  18. Just finished” When I’m Gone”. It allowed me to cry for my husband who died of Acute Leukoblastic Leukemia 13 months ago. We were together 36 years. Never could have imagined my life without him in it……from diagnosis to death was only 9 short months, but they were hell. No loving letters like your Natalie wrote for Luke. My husband was so caught up in his own dying that he stopped talking to me except to ask for fresh fruit.. I did my crying in the parking garage of the hospital before returning home to an empty house. Four months before his Cancer suddenly appeared, he was having an affair with my best friend’s daughter…..Worst year of my life…..Boy have I got a story to tell, too bad I can’t write dialogue……

    1. I’m so sorry, Pamela! Sounds very very hard and sounds like you have a good book of your own to write. Thanks for reading and for reaching out. I pray your future is FAR brighter than those hard hard months.

  19. I just finished reading, When I’m Gone. I am an avid reader, who is always looking for Authors I have not read yet. This book came across an advertisement on my kindle.
    I am so grateful I was paying attention to the advertisements that day. This story had me hooked within the first few pages. Your style of writing is an addiction I cannot kick, nor would I want to.
    I have a chronic illness that currently prevents me from working. Reading has always been my favorite thing to do, but now it is so much more. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to daily.
    I am looking forward to reading Wreckage (starting it today).

  20. I just have to say…if you can never muster up another written word (which I sincerely hope is not the case), you have made my life richer for the two books I’ve read. I just finished Wreckage, and now I need a chocolate bar, and a good cry in my closet! Blessings and peace!😊

  21. I just finished Wreckage. It was amazing!! I loved the characters and I loved the twists and turns. The Paul thing got me too… I kept wanting to flip back and see if I missed something. You have a great writing style. Very unique to jump back and forth. Reading about the thoughts of the characters before you know for sure what happens. Really great book. Thank you for writing it.

    I have also read When I Am Gone. When will your next book come out? Please keep writing!


  22. I just finished When I’m Gone. We listened to most of it on the drive home to Ann Arbor from our Florida vacation. I have Kindle Unlimited, and your book looked like something my other 1/2 would enjoy. We were shocked when you started listing off streets, restaurants and colleges that we both attended. I’m curious, what research did you do for the Ypsi/Ann Arbor area, and what drove your decision to base the book here?

  23. I just read both your books and love your style so much – rich characters unexpected story lines – I need more! Do you have anything in the works? How long will I have to wait for another?

  24. Dear Emily,
    I am writing to thank you for making me excited about reading again. When I was younger, I enjoyed reading but between the instantly streaming TV services and dry college textbooks, I lost interest. But after I started reading When I’m Gone, I could not put it down. My only critique is that it’s going to take me a long time to get rid of the bags under my eyes after I stayed up till 2 AM to finish the story. There is a plot twist at every page turn. The characters are so deep yet the story is written so succinctly!
    I loved and hated the ending at the same time. Please tell me there is a sequel on the horizon? I must know what happens to Luke, Annie, Jessie and the rest of the family!
    With much thanks,

  25. I read “When I’m Gone” and although it hit hard, it was wonderfully written … and intriguing. I never suspected the end. After finishing, I immediately bought “Wreckage” and read it (staying up nearly all night). It hit me just as hard as “When I’m Gone”. Both books kept me guessing and very surprised at the endings. I can’t wait for your next book.

  26. Club Lit in Corpus Christi Texas has selected When I’m Gone for our February book. Would love to try to SKYPE with you on 2/21 after 7pm if you are available to discuss the book. We have 18 readers in our club. Thanks

  27. I just read Wreckage. It gave me a lot to think about. I enjoyed the open raw emotion displayed by the characters on the island and their conflict about home and the island.

  28. I’ve read both ” Wreckage” and ” When I’m gone ” and loved them both. Thank you for a great read and for all the emotions I went through.

  29. I just read “When I’m Gone.” I usually get partway through a novel and then quit reading it either due to lack of interest, or due to tiresome corniness by the author. Your book kept me intrigued and delightfully entertained the whole time, however, and I spent most of my vacation reading it (a good sign of a good book as well as a relaxing vacation!) The characters were well developed and believable; the details were enough to draw me into the story yet not so drawn out as to bore me; the plot line was unique and intriguing; the end was plausible instead of ridiculous like many books end. I have now created a document to start keeping track of books and authors I like, and you are the first on it. I’ll be back to find the other books you’ve written. Thanks so much for so many hours of relaxing yet entertaining time spent!

  30. I’m reading, When I’m gone. The places you are using in the story are so real to me. I grew up in Farmington Hills, studied for a teaching degree at Eastern and attended U of M for awhile. It almost startles me when you mention a place and I have a relationship with it. How do you know these places? Are you a native Michigander? I’ve been in Colorado for decades now but still go back and drive by my old house on Fiddlers Green once in awhile.

    I’m enjoying your book albeit I’m still at the beginning, I look forward to reading your other books too!

    1. I also live in Farmington Hills, earned a bachelors from UM, and a teaching cert from Eastern. I grew up in A2, but never went to the Earle. 😊 I am wondering about the impetus for the setting of the “When I’m Gone.” What a great book. I started it yesterday and couldn’t put it down until I finished it today. I’m happy to have discovered a new author!

  31. I jave just read all your books in a week whilat on holiday between donghy sailing, tennis & swimming. They were all superb & i struggled to put them down. They all wrapped you up in the characters so that the reader really cared what happened to them. I normalyy only read one book whilst away for a week. Congratulations & thank you.

  32. Having already read Wreckage and When I’m Gone, I got so excited when I saw a new Emily Bleeker book. Working Fire didn’t disappoint. I could not put it down. I would love to see the inside of Emily Bleeker’s brain when she’s writing. It must be a fascinating machine!

  33. I just finished “When I’m Gone” and enjoyed the book very much although I was disappointed at the ending. My battery had died at the last page of the last chapter and that made it feel even more like end was missing. Maybe you could please write an epilogue for those of us who want to know the story ends. Other than the ending the book was really good. I especially liked how it took Brian hurting Luke get the Annie to take a stand against the Brian. To often people don’t realize that is the way it is in real life.

  34. I just got done reading ‘Wreckage’ after I read ‘When I’m Gone’, and I knew I had to write you. You are a PHENOMENAL writer and you should never stop. I was captivated from start to finish with both books. I hungrily read every word. Thank you, for sharing your stories and talents with the world.

  35. Emily,
    I just finished reading WHEN I’M GONE and loved it! You are such a talented writer and I am glad to have discovered you via an ad from Amazon promoting your book. I plan to read WRECKAGE next. You’ve won another fan!

  36. Emily,
    Well, I just finished WRECKAGE and now I’m even more committed as a fan. What a great plot, with great twists and mystery. It took me a while to figure out Paul, but I did. Loved the ending as well. Can’t wait to read WORKING FIRE next. So glad your husband bought you that laptop so you could live out your dream to become a writer!

  37. Finished “When I’m gone” during daily commute, plus all the bathroom breaks and lunch breaks! It was a great read, starting rather casual but evolving really complex and rich later on. Thanks a lot!
    Just wondering, if it ever occur to you that you may want to translate this work into foreign languages? I’m Chinese BTW. The reason I’m asking is my aunt, who was diagnosed with cancer early this year. I’m far away and cannot do much to help. She doesn’t speak or read English. But I would think introducing her to your work might cheer her up. (Or not, not sure whether it is appropriate to give her a book starting with a funeral) But anyway, at least I can tell her the author has triumphed during the combat with cancer!

  38. Dear Emily Bleeker,
    I was not. much a reader growing up, I did some. Anyway, my wife of 48 year passed away in June of 2017, after may years of physical problems. I was looking with my Kindle at some books and came across your book

    ” When I’m Gone ” and I thought it would be something I should read.
    Thank U so much I loved it , sometimes it made me happy and other times it made me have tears in my eyes, remembering what my Sharon had to endure her last 9 years of life
    I am sorry I can’t write anymore.
    God bless U and all your family and friend with whom helped with ” When I’m Gone “.


    Lawrence Latham
    e-mail :

  39. Hi! I tried to reach out to your publicist to set up a Skype but the address did not work. Is there another way to set this up? Thanks in advance!

  40. Emily, I just finished WHEN I’M GONE. I’m actually going to share on my facebook account. please consider coming down to West Palm Beach and speaking about your books. I’m originally from Chicago , so I’m doubly proud of you, ps (when i’m gone makes for a cool movie, just sayin’!)

  41. Hi Emily, thank you for your book when I’m gone. I read it as an Amazon first read and loved it so I shared it with my book group. We will be gathering this Wednesday evening to talk about it. You mentioned you sometimes connect on social media. I know it’s short notice but I wondered if you will be available and wanted to connect with us March 28?

  42. I’ve read two of your books. When I’m Gone and Working Fire. I loved both of them. They were such good reads. I had trouble putting them down. Thanks!

  43. I just finished your book “ When I am Gone”, It’s 1 am and I couldn’t put it down. You have an amazing gift of story telling. Your find your self caring about the cast of characters. To be honest I was disappointed the book ended. After I finished I went Bach to amazon and purchased “Wreckage”, can’t wait to start

  44. The last two weeks I have listened to three of your books. You have an amazing talent. I never want to it off. I have recommended your books to several people. Look forward to more books ❤

  45. I just finished “The Waiting Room”, Wow! I thought I had it figured out, but boy was I wrong. I loved it. This is the first of your books I have read, definitely checking the others out.u

  46. I’m almost finished with The Waiting Room. It has kept me guessing the entire book, and I don’t want to put it down! I recommended it at book club last night, and I was hoping you could join us at our next book club gathering. I picked up your book after hearing you participate in a panel discussion at the Plainfield library last year. You were so personable, and I enjoyed learning more about you and all of the authors that night. Looking forward to reading more of your books!

  47. Loved The Waiting Room! Recommended it for our book club. Would love to have you join us.! Please contact me 🙂

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