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Marlene Stringer


  1. Our book club is reading When I’m Gone. We would love to be able to Skype with you when we discuss the book. What are the chances you are available June 8th at noon-ish (Central Time)? We are a group of 8 older ladies, mostly retired educators, but we’ve picked up a few strays along the way…

  2. Hi! Do you have a list of Book Club questions for The Waiting Room? Thanks!

  3. I just finished The Waiting Room. Could not stop reading it What a surprise. When Sophie was missing and Veronica found her and began to mother her I cried. I was so happy for her. Then the shock came!!! Could not believe Sophie was a little girl and the school bus story. Don’t want to tell the story so people who haven’t read it won’t miss out
    I’ve also read Working Fire which I never put down till I finished it. You are wonderful. Just ordered Wrackage and When I’m Gone. My daughter just died so I’m sure it will hit me hard
    Keep writing
    When I saw your picture I was pleasantly surprised you were so young and (very beautiful)

  4. I just finished the Audible version of When I’m Gone. Excellent book, love the twists and turns. And that it all turns out good in the end. I am from Farmington, the small city which Farmington Hills now surrounds. Mention of Botsford hospital brings back memories. I am curious how you chose the city setting, so I was looking to see if you were from Michigan.

  5. I first read When I’m Gone and then read every other book of yours this summer. It’s almost like a summer of Emily. I’m devastated that there are no more Emily books and I hope you’re working on another story for me to read so soon!

  6. I just read “When I am Gone” and absolutely loved the story line. This is the first book I couldn’t put down in a long time! I loved that your story is like a real slice of imperfect life with twists and turns that don’t always play out how we think they will. I could really feel the emotions of your characters in this novel. I look forward to reading your other books.
    With Gradtitude,

  7. Wow. I just finished “The Waiting Room” and I’m still taking it all in. Just wow. Thank you for this story; I am going to look up your other books.

  8. Really enjoyed What’s Left Unsaid and the personal connection you have woven into your story. My book club is meeting this week and if you have discussion questions for us that would be so helpful.
    Thank you.

  9. Yesterday, I finished “The Waiting Room.” It gave me such relief, thank you! My father died earlier in the week and I had been suffering anxiety attacks because our relationship had been so dysfunctional. Your characters reflected many parts of my own struggles. As a Veteran, trauma is not a stranger and neither is “The Waiting Room.”

    “Pains and struggles are not comparable.” Reading that was a breakthrough moment for me. Character thoughts about forgiveness lifted the clouds from my head. No panic attacks since.

    God answers our prayers in a myriad of ways. Your book and God-given talent have provided such relief that I will not have to make an emergency call to my therapist!

    Thank you.

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