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Fall is here…

I love the fall. There is something invigorating about the chill in the air and the trees realizing they wanna have halos of red or gold or orange instead of plain old green, kids' imaginations coming alive with Halloween fun and adults letting themselves be a little spooky or silly for once in their busy… Continue reading Fall is here…

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Storymakers Conference–Part 2

Another year of LDStorymakers has come to a close and I feel so lucky have been able to be a part of this conference. Between the inspiring classes, great speakers and the feeling of camaraderie that filled just about every square inch of the Utah Valley Conference Center—I am going home full. Full of knowledge… Continue reading Storymakers Conference–Part 2

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Storymakers Conference–Part 1

It has been an awesome few days here at LDStorymakers. Still have one more day of fun which includes the Whitney Gala. Tonight there is a mass book signing at the Utah Valley Convention Center at 5 pm if you'd like to come and browse the bookstore and get some fabulous books signed by some… Continue reading Storymakers Conference–Part 1


Confessions Of a Recovering People Pleaser

For most of my life I’ve been an unabashed “pleaser”. People-pleasers tend to place a lot of weight on the acceptance and positive feedback of others. They…um…we tend to push down our own wants/needs/desires and exchange them for the positive appraisal of someone else. Disappointing someone or being assertive can feel harsh, uncomfortable or even… Continue reading Confessions Of a Recovering People Pleaser


Kindle First

I'm happy (thrilled, ecstatic, over-the-moon) to announce that WRECKAGE had been selected to be pre-released a month early as a Kindle First book in the US and UK. Only four books have this opportunity and I'm very excited that WRECKAGE is one of them!  This is how it works. There are four books and readers… Continue reading Kindle First


All aboard the Query Train!

So, I made a writer friend today. Yes. In real life. She's a published author who hasn't needed an agent yet in her career but is considering heading out into the query world in order to sign with one and I couldn't be more excited. I. Love. Queries...Especially when they are not my own. Maybe… Continue reading All aboard the Query Train!


Big Announcement!

If you haven't heard my news already then get ready to put on your happy face! My women's fiction, FRAGMENTS, has been picked up by Lake Union Publishing and will be published in February of 2015! Lake Union is an imprint of Amazon Publishing and here is the link to their web site because I… Continue reading Big Announcement!