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Storymakers Conference–Part 2

Another year of LDStorymakers has come to a close and I feel so lucky have been able to be a part of this conference. Between the inspiring classes, great speakers and the feeling of camaraderie that filled just about every square inch of the Utah Valley Conference Center—I am going home full. Full of knowledge… Continue reading Storymakers Conference–Part 2

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Little Things

It has been just over a month since WHEN I'M GONE met the world and Wow--has it been an amazing journey. For a month WHEN I'M GONE has enjoyed its time in the top ten in Amazon's Kindle Store, been blessed with over three hundred reviews from generous and helpful readers, become a Wall Street… Continue reading Little Things

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Good news all around!

Lots of wonderful things to share today! FIRST--can't believe I let this pass by without acknowledging it but there is a new translation of WRECKAGE out in the world. I have a lovely box of these beauties. I definitely need more bookshelves!! Second, I hit an awesome milestone today in the "life" of WHEN I'M… Continue reading Good news all around!

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NAUFRAGÉS launch and more news!

The kids are home for spring break so life is EXTRA busy here on Bleeker Street. Toss in last week's launch of WHEN I'M GONE and this week's launch of the French translation of all adds up to fun times in our busy lives. NAUFRAGÉS Launched The title translates to SHIPWRECKED (which I totally love!!).… Continue reading NAUFRAGÉS launch and more news!


Successful Launch!

As you all know my second novel, WHEN I'M GONE, met the world two days ago. Wow. What a great two days! From the rank stalking to the awesome reviews to the fun surprises that I just could never have was a super memorable launch. I took some pictures from my day and thought… Continue reading Successful Launch!


Confessions Of a Recovering People Pleaser

For most of my life I’ve been an unabashed “pleaser”. People-pleasers tend to place a lot of weight on the acceptance and positive feedback of others. They…um…we tend to push down our own wants/needs/desires and exchange them for the positive appraisal of someone else. Disappointing someone or being assertive can feel harsh, uncomfortable or even… Continue reading Confessions Of a Recovering People Pleaser


WRECKAGE To Be Translated Into Spanish!

Great news! Just got word from Spain that WRECKAGE will be translated into Spanish and released in 2016! Very exciting. This news mixed with the last few weeks of summer vacation makes me think of this song, Malti by Dan Zanes: Yes, yes, it's a kids song. No—I'm not embarrassed to put a kids song… Continue reading WRECKAGE To Be Translated Into Spanish!