WRITER….The Musical!

When my kids are being really loud in the car, maybe bickering or just being intentionally obnoxious, I make them listen to my music instead of more kid friendly entertainment I usually suffer through. Sometimes when they have kindled my wrath I just flick on the radio but usually we listen to musicals. For the past… Continue reading WRITER….The Musical!


New Year…New Goals

Well, here it is, 2015. In this year I know one very important thing is going to transpire in my life -- in a few short weeks I will become a published author. Whoa. Typing that made my stomach jump with nervous excitement. I have lots of other goals for this year, most of them… Continue reading New Year…New Goals


Surreal For-real

The day before I left for a week long Disney vacation with my family I received an email from my editor with my copy-edits, due two days after the end of our vacation. This meant I either got to mush all my edits into two days (there were almost 3,000 edits soooo that wasn't going… Continue reading Surreal For-real


All aboard the Query Train!

So, I made a writer friend today. Yes. In real life. She's a published author who hasn't needed an agent yet in her career but is considering heading out into the query world in order to sign with one and I couldn't be more excited. I. Love. Queries...Especially when they are not my own. Maybe… Continue reading All aboard the Query Train!