Wreckage was selected to be at 1334 Walmart stores! *Treasure Hunt Contest*


I am so excited to announce that WRECKAGE was selected for in-store placement at 1334 Walmart stores starting March 31st!!

What do we do around here when exciting stuff is happening?? We have a contest, that’s what we do.

This contest starts on March 31st. So as of today you have six days to locate a local Walmart and search out it’s book section because. Then on Tuesday, March 31st, the WRECKAGE Treasure Hunt Contest begins! Lets see who out there can get pictures IN STORE of Wreckage. Whats the prize, you ask?? I have FIVE $10 Walmart gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. Yup- 5 winners! Be one of the first 25 pictures posted to be included in the drawing.


1- Starting March 31st, check for Wreckage at your local Walmart store.

2- Take a picture IN STORE, post on a social media site and tag me:

-Facebook: @emilybleekerauthor

-Twitter feed: @Emily_Bleeker

-Instagram: @emilybleekerauthor

3- Make sure to list the location of the store you found it in. IE: Found Wreckage in Vernon Hills,IL Walmart!!

That’s it! Follow those three steps and you’ll be entered to win! Don’t worry- I’ll keep reminding you for the next six days so you don’t forget.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see your pictures!!

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