My Poor Kids

I recently had one of those moments where I feel bad my kids got a writer for a mom. We were on vacation at Disney World when we saw this picture of Belle and her mom.


My 7yo asked, “What happened to Belle’s mom anyway?” and I answered…

“Well, you know Maurice, Belle’s dad? They call him crazy old Maurice for more than one reason. When Belle was young, Maurice was a mad scientist who constantly put his dangerous and demanding work before his family.

Maurice’s marriage to Belle’s mother had been an arranged one. She wanted to leave Maurice but felt like she must stay because of Belle. Then, one day, there was a horrible explosion in Maurice’s home lab. Belle’s mom saw the smoke from the road and when she ran to find out if everyone was okay, she came upon Maurice crying in the road.

Belle had been inside. He was sure she was dead. Devastated, her mother ran away and Maurice told the world she had died in the blast. Later that day they found Belle reading in a back pasture, alive and well. Her mother never knew she lived.

The townsfolk were suspicious of Maurice and believed he murdered Belle’s mother. They ran him out of town so he and Belle moved to a small, provincial village where no one knew them. Belle grew up…etc, etc, etc (see movie for details).

But what happened to Belle’s mother after she ran away from Maurice? Belle’s mother posed as a widow, changed her name to Mrs. Potts and found a position as a housekeeper in a castle. After several years, a witch cursed the castle and Belle’s mother fell under the curse as well. One dark, lonely night, Mrs. Potts shared her story with her master who swore to protect her from Maurice.

Then, one day, several years later a traveler came into the castle without invitation. When Belle’s mother saw who he was she asked her master to keep her safe. So he threw the visitor, who just happened to be Maurice, in the dungeon.

But when a beautiful woman who looked a lot like her little girl, Belle, came to rescue her father, Mrs. Potts knew what must happen. The girl must stay, break the spell, become the queen and then she and her daughter would be reunited at last. As Belle’s mother plotted for the eventual marriage between her daughter and her master, she hoped they’d come to know each other better. When the spell was finally broken and the effects reversed, Belle’s mother revealed herself to both Belle and Maurice.

But she had one last secret. When she left her husband’s house she’d been pregnant. Chip was Maurice’ son and Belle’s little brother. Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Maurice all lived at the castle with Belle and her prince and they all lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER…

What I should’ve said:

Belle’s mom died.


  1. You were correct to give your children the entire story behind Belle’s mom. I believe that most children and adults only no the smaller version that Disney shows us. So good for you for taking it one step further. Books are always better that movies!

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