Book 3 has an official title and link on Amazon!

The title is….WORKING FIRE and will be available August 29th, 2017 but you can preorder NOW believe it or not.

I am over the moon about this title and this book. It’s a story about two sisters and the one 911 call that changed both of their lives. If you want a little glimpse into the story then take a read below:

When Ellie Brown was a little girl there were several things she knew would happen one day. One day she’d wear lipstick like her big sister Amelia Braxton. One day she’d go to med school and become a doctor. One day she’d marry her true love and live happily ever after. And one day she would leave Broadlands, Illinois and never look back.

By the age of twenty-one, Ellie was proficient at lipstick application, a first-year med student, nearly engaged to her high school sweetheart and could easily see down the path that would take her out of tiny little Broadlands forever. Then her father, fire chief Richard Brown, had a stroke on the job.

Now at twenty-two, Ellie has returned to her hometown like a boomerang, like a magnet, like she was stuck in an inescapable tractor beam. She drives an ambulance, a paramedic rather than a doctor, and swaps care for her father with Amelia rather than lipstick colors. Most days are filled with a monotony she should be used to after growing up in the small town—that is until the day she got the call that would change everything.

A 911 call that sent her to Amelia’s house.

When Amelia and her husband are shot during a robbery in their home, Ellie is the one left to pick up the pieces and put them back together—literally. But as the gunpowder clears and the sirens fade, the story of what exactly happened inside her sister’s home only becomes cloudier. Soon, the evidence starts to point to someone in Ellie’s circle of trust. With Amelia fighting for her life, and someone she cares about accused, Ellie knows she must find answers and fast.

Following a trail of evidence that spans over a decade, Ellie soon learns more than she ever wanted to about her sister, her family and all the secrets held inside the little town of Broadlands.

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    1. new to Emily’s books…. but love When I’m Gone…intriguing..anticipating each new page.

  1. Wow, that sounds great. Our book club read your first book. Definitely going to but this on our tbr list!

  2. Life is like a ride on a bumpy road. It looks like it will be smooth sailing, but suddenly there is a pot hole, a stalled car on the side of the road, or the
    GPS shows you are sailing across a corn field. It is relaxing to read about someone else who took a wrong turn with the people they thought they could trust. How many days will it take us to get to August 29. At least I know what I will be doing on August 30, regardless of what road I am on.

  3. Though I was hoping for a book 2 to “When I’m Gone”, this teaser has me hooked. Into my must have wish list it is.

  4. After that little teaser, I can’t wait to read the book! Loved your first two books – I’m a forever fan!

  5. Well you got my interest up. I will pre-order as soon as I finish this. There is something about small towns anlooking. Fod what make them interesting for a setting of a novel.

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