Surreal For-real

The day before I left for a week long Disney vacation with my family I received an email from my editor with my copy-edits, due two days after the end of our vacation. This meant I either got to mush all my edits into two days (there were almost 3,000 edits soooo that wasn’t going to happen) or I needed to find time to work on the copy-edits at night and early in the morning DURING vacation while the kids were sleeping. No biggie. I actually enjoyed the quiet time every night and morning, rereading WRECKAGE for what I calculated was the 27th time.


Then, one night as I typed along in my hotel room, kids snoring on either side of me, I stumbled upon a fun surprise. WRECKAGE on Amazon. It’s already available for pre-order! WHAT?

I shared the news on my Facebook page and Twitter and over the past week my friends, family and even some new readers have taken the plunge to pre-order. And that, my friends, is when it got real. All this work, all the time and effort into writing the story, revising, editing, querying, submitting, editing again and again. Now, in a few short months, people are going to read this thing! Soon after returning from my trip (and turning in my copy-edits on time-woo hoo!) I was introduced to my Lake Union author team. They’ll be helping me through the next phase in the publishing process. My wonderful author’s relations manager already emailed me about personalizing my Amazon author page and filling out a questionnaire for the audiobook. Wait, let me say that again *clears throat*. The AUDIOBOOK. Ah! See what I mean? I know there will be a lot more of these times ahead of me. They make me nervous and excited at the same time. There is still work to be done on this book and plenty of books still to be written but I’ve decided to just enjoy these “it’s really happening” moments as they come because they are awesome. Really awesome.


  1. i just finished reading wreckage…and immediately wanted to read another of your books. this novel was written beautifully. i loved lily and david…i was satisfied with the ending…although i thought she would choose david…..let me know when your next book comes out….you must keep writing. thanks for the read.

    1. Donnie- Thank you for reading and for taking the time to stop by and share your kind words. I love hearing back from my readers. And no worries, I won’t be giving up writing any time soon. It has become a compulsion as well as a profession. The stories in my head just aren’t satisfied staying there any longer! 🙂

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