NAUFRAGÉS launch and more news!

The kids are home for spring break so life is EXTRA busy here on Bleeker Street. Toss in last week’s launch of WHEN I’M GONE and this week’s launch of the French translation of WRECKAGE…it all adds up to fun times in our busy lives.



The title translates to SHIPWRECKED (which I totally love!!). Michel Lafon is the publisher and they are doing a great job with the launch. I love seeing my name on their site spelled as Emilie…I can just hear it so clearly in my head. “Emilie…Emilie…Emilie…”

When I’m Gone—#1 in Amazon Kindle Store

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Sunday I was at church and got a text from one of my awesome rank stalking writer friends (this is a real thing…if you are an author you NEED to get yourself some friends to help you rank stalk…put it on your Launch Day checklist!). Mallory Crowe‘s (rank stalker extraordinaire) text read: “NUMBER 1!! When I’m Gone is at #1” I was blown away. Excited–yes. Stunned–oh yeah. Happy–totally. This book has just surprised me so much with how it has reached out and touched people. As I wrote these pages I wondered to myself, “Is this story too sad? Will people want to read about these intense emotions?” I’m can’t explain how moving it is to me, and how much it teaches me about the universal nature of some of these emotions, that WHEN I’M GONE has been received by readers with open arms (and hearts). Thank you to everyone who made this launch so very successful. I hope WHEN I’M GONE can continue to reach readers everywhere.

My Life As a Secret Writer–Guest Blog Post

About a month ago a UK blog, We Heart Writing, asked if I’d be interested in writing a guest post on their blog about writing. My answer was–Uh…yeah!! The post is live today so take some time to give it a read. There is a challenge to all of you other “secret writers” out there at the end of the article. Please consider taking up the gauntlet and tag me in your post (or you could even just post in the comments here or on my FB page). Oh–just go read it…all this will make so much more sense when you do!


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  1. I am so happy to have found your books! You are a fantastic writer! The sign of a great book is if you can’t put it down until the last page is read and you immediately go to find the next book from that author. For me, this has been the case with both of your books! When is your next book planned? I can hardly wait. May God continue to bless you and your readers through your special gift!

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